Is your home at risk for water damage?

It’s that time of the year again. We are halfway through fall and officially into the wet and dreary rainy season that the greater Seattle area is known for. Unfortunately, the unpleasant weather can do far more than simply dampen your mood or spoil hiking plans- if your home isn’t adequately prepared and sealed, it can lead to serious water damage. One of the most frequent entry points of moisture and source of water damage comes from improperly sealed windows. Is your home at risk?


Check to see if the exterior of your windows look similar to this image. The gap between the frame and wood may not appear to be very large, but even the slightest gap gives enough space for moisture to work it’s way in. If ANY window at your home has a gap, the problem needs to be mended immediately.

The window should be resealed as soon as possible, but more importantly, you need to have a professional inspect for water damage right away. It doesn’t take much for some wood to begin to rot, and once that process begins it can be like a cancer spreading through the walls of your home. If the source and damage isn’t dealt with soon, the cost of repair can be quite severe.

Give your home a thorough exterior inspection. If you find any examples of the image above, give Mike’s Handyman Services a call! We will come out, check for any potential damages, and make any repairs needed to get your home back in shape and safe from the rain.